Helping Tasmanians with asthma, hay fever or other lung conditions to better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

AirRater app on phone

What does it monitor?


AirRater keeps track of smoke through the EPA Tasmania’s network of air monitoring stations. This networks updates every 15 minutes across 34 stations around Tasmania.

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AirRater app monitoring smoke


AirRater keeps track of temperatures across Tasmania and alerts users to forecast extremes of hot and cold. Having advanced notice of temperature extremes allows users to prepare adequately.

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AirRater app monitoring temperature


AirRater’s pollen network is the most comprehensive of any state in Australia. Users can find out what’s in flower now and see how different pollen species might be affecting their symptoms.

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AirRater app monitoring levels of pollen

How does it work?

Monitoring and sensing equipment around the state captures information on smoke, pollen and temperature. At the same time, app users can report their symptoms of asthma, allergy and hay fever. AirRater can help users work out what environmental conditions trigger their symptoms, and then generate alerts when these triggers are elevated.

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