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Learn how air quality affects your health, and how you can better manage your symptoms

AirRater app on phone showing pollen count, smoke polution and temperature for air quality monitoring


AirRater keeps track of air pollution through a network of air monitoring stations. In places where there are no air monitoring stations, it fills the gaps using using modelling developed by CSIRO (

AirRater app monitoring smoke air pollution based on location


AirRater keeps track of temperature and alerts you when extremely hot or cold weather is on the way. Having advanced notice of temperature extremes allows you to be well prepared.

AirRater app monitoring temperature with historical air quality monitoring data shown


AirRater’s pollen network provides daily pollen counts for select sites across Australia. We collect data on over 25 native and introduced pollen types so you can find out what’s in flower now and see how different pollen species might be affecting your symptoms.

AirRater app monitoring levels of pollen with historical data of pollen count from air quality monitoring shown

How does it work?

Monitoring and sensing equipment captures information on air quality, pollen and temperature. At the same time, you can log symptoms of asthma, allergy and hay fever, or any other symptoms of your choosing. AirRater can help you work out what environmental conditions trigger your symptoms, and then generate alerts when these triggers are elevated.

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